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Railgrinding Takes Place on Douglas Promenade 15-7-22

‘New Street Tram Signal to be installed and operational from 13 July’ 12-7-22

PRESS RELAESE from the Manx Electric Railway Society 9-2-22

‘Work to restore Douglas horse trams has faced repeated sabotage – MHK’ 9-2-22

Heritage Railways Timetables & Events 2022 26-1-22

“Refurbish walkway over horse tram, former lead councillor says” 26-1-22

‘Former Chief Minister Hits Out at Government Over Horse Trams’ 24-1-22

‘No Immediate Plans for Douglas Horse Tram Track Extension’ 23-1-22

Mostly 'minor tasks' now to complete on Douglas Prom 12-1-22

Prom Redevelopment Will Still Be Ongoing in March 7-12-21

Replacement Manx Electric Railway Sign Installed 25-11-21

'Major Milestone as Road Construction on Douglas Prom Finishes’ 12-11-21

Seasonal Railway Positions - Douglas Bay Horse Tramway 11-11-21

“It's Impossible to Say When Douglas Promenade Works Will End Says New Infrastructure Minister” 2-11-21

‘No Date for Horse Tram Track Funding Vote’ 27-10-21

“Tram Rail Problems Push Prom Works Into 2022” 26-10-21

“DoI Minister Won't Be Giving 'Nightmare' Prom Deadlines” 18-10-21

“Majority Of Douglas Promenade Work to Be Completed by November” 14-10-21

“Douglas Promenade Completion Date Delayed Until November” 7-10-21

DOI Minister Baker ‘Dumped’ By Electorate In Manx General Election 24-9-21

Heritage Railway Services - September & October 2021 20-8-21

‘Delayed Prom Works Affecting Other Projects, Claims Quirk’ 1-8-21

‘Workers Enticed Away from Prom’ 16-7-21

Mini Manx Heritage Transport Festival 15-7-21

Douglas Oval Roundabouts 'A Disaster Waiting to Happen' 30-6-21

Heritage Railway Services - July to early September 2021 25-6-21

New MER sign to be in place by 'late summer' 19-6-21

‘Douglas Promenade Concrete Crack Solution Soon’ 4-6-21

DOI 'Hiding Full Cost' of Prom Works, says Committee 10-5-21

Douglas Car No.47 Transported to the Wirral Transport Museum 5-5-21

Gateway Markers Are All in a Muddle Over Promenade Names in Douglas 3-5-21

'Stop Horse Trams at Sefton', says Council Leader - 23-4-21

Heritage Railway Services 2021 20-4-21

Future of Horse Tramway Length in Hands of Next Tynwald 25-3-21

Horse Tram Tracks to Be Completed Over Winter 15-3-21

Douglas Horse Car No.11 pages updated 8-3-21

‘Further Delay To Prom Scheme Confirmed’ 12-2-21

MER Ramsey Plaza Station pages UPDATED 27-1-21

“Horse Trams Tipped To Be Major Boost For Tourism” 19-1-21

MER - Ramsey Station pages UPDATED 16-1-21

“Douglas Promenade Will Be Finished In Six Months Vow” 4-1-21

‘Work Underway To Fix Failed Welds In Horse Tram Tracks’ 7-12-20

"Railways Looking For A New Home ?" 27-10-20

‘Douglas Promenade Scheme May Miss Completion Date’ 21-10-20

Removal of MER Landmark 16-10-20

Open Day at new Strathallan Depot - 8-10-20

Further Dates Added To MER & IMR October Services 28-9-20

MER Car No.15 pages updated 12-9-20

MER Car No.32 pages updated 12-9-20-

MER & IMR Seasons Extended 12-9-20

MER car No.28 pages updated 8-9-20

Snaefell Mountain Railway pages updated 7-9-20

Snaefell Railway Closure Will Cause 'Incalculable Harm' 3-9-20

Offer To Pay For Snaefell Mountain Railway 'Wasn't Formal' 1-9-20

'Operator Wanted To Run Mountain Trams' 28-8-20

“Mixed Signals on The Railways” 21-8-20

"What More Can We Be Expected To Do?" - MERS secretary 17-8-20

SMR - Questions in Tynwald 17-8-20

‘MER Trams Able To Run On New Horse Tram Tracks’ 17-8-20

Caine: 'A Fantastic And Generous Offer, But It Shouldn't Be Necessary' 12-8-20

‘Infrastructure To 'Consider' Railway Society's Offer’ 10-8-20

'Charity Offers £9k To Run Snaefell Route, After DOI Axe Rail Service' ' 10-08-20

MERS Press Release - Snaefell 9-8-20

MER Car No.17 pages updated 11-7-20

‘Tynwald Committee To Hear Evidence On Horse Tram Today’ 5-6-20

New Infrastructure and Policy and Reform Ministers appointed 3-6-20

‘Two Ministers To Give Evidence On Horse Tram Track Delay’ 2-6-20

Committee To Review Impact Of Horse Tram Delay On Businesses 1-6-20

MER Geography pages - Garwick Glen 28-5-20

‘DoI Says Work To Be Done In Two Phases’ 14-5-20

“MHK Accuses DOI Of 'Totally Mishandling' Prom Scheme” 12-5-20

‘Single Line To Be Added After Completion Of Promenade Scheme’ 12-5-20

Horse Tramway To Be Cut Short 12-5-20

Douglas Prom Works Resume 4-5-20

Douglas Promenade Work Resumes 30-4-20

MER Car 15 pages updated 27-4-20

MER Geography pages - Ballaglass Power Station 20-4-20

MER Geography page - Laxey Station 17-4-20

MER car 31 pages updated 16-4-20

MER Trailer 37 pages UPDATED 16-4-20

MER Car 14 - Poles & Wires Duty 16-4-20

MER Geography pages - Derby Castle 15-4-20

MER car No17 pages updated 15-4-20

MER Paddlebox cars 25-27 15-4-20

MER Paddlebox car No.25 pages updated 14-4-20

MER Board Green Livery 25-3-20

Ramsey Transport Interchange 19-3-20

Coronavirus - Suspension of Heritage Railways Services 19-3-20

‘First Glimpse Of £1.5m New Horse Tram Base’ 5-3-20

MER Trailer No.54 pages UPDATED 4-3-20

‘Prom Project Costs Are Within Budget Say DoI’ 18-2-20

Press Release - The Horse Tramway & the MER - A Cautionary Tale ! 5-2-20

‘A Big Drop In The Number Of People Travelling By Rail’ 5-2-20

Signals For Horse Trams Not In Budget’ 28-1-20

“Bus And Rail Boss Back In Charge” 7-1-20

‘More Delays To Problem-Hit Prom Scheme’ 19-12-19

MHK Questions Whether Prom Cracking Is 'Minor' 12-6-19

‘MER Substation Could Be Saved As A Museum’ 6-12-19

MER Car No.20 pages updated 4-12-19

The Restoration of Isle of Man Railway Goods Van G.1 2-12-19

Yet Another Setback For Prom Rebuild 27-11-19

The Laxey Sub-Station Project 26-11-19

'Rail Report On Its Way - Only 11 Years Late' 4-11-19

‘Call For Cycle Path On MER Line Hits Buffers’ 29-10-19

MER Paddlebox Cars pages updated 27-10-19

Promenade Row Rumbles On - ''Work Had To Be Done By Election" 24-10-19

Bid To Have The Groudle Hotel Removed From The Protected Buildings Register Fails 22-10-19

Press Release from the Manx Electric Railway Society 21-10-19

Walk and cycle route next to MER lines? 18-10-19

‘MHK for Middle Questions Decision To Run Horse Trams’ 17-10-19

Promenade Latest "We Wanted To Minimise Disruption" 17-10-19

‘Rising Costs Lead To Ramsey Transport Hub Rethink’ 16-10-19

'Options For Ramsey Transport Interchange Considered' 15-10-19

Ramsey Interchange - Questions In Tynwald This Week 14-10-19

Works Car 2's Interior 30-9-19

The Destruction of Car 22 ***PAGES UPDATED*** 30-9-19

Future of Ramsey MER Station In The Spotlight Again ? 25-9-19

Premature End To 2019 Horse Tramway Service 25-9-19

Temporary Suspension of Horse Tramway Service 24-9-19

Should The Horse Trams Run Next Year ? 23-9-19

Uncertain Future For Lisbon Car 630 30-8-19

Investigation Launched Into Cracked Prom Concrete 21-8-19

Horse Tramway Update 20-8-2019

Temporary Suspension Of Horse Tramway Service - Further Criticism of DOI 20-7-19

Manx Heritage Transport Festival 19-7-19

MHK ‘Doesn’t Have Confidence’in Harmer - DoI Comes In For Criticism 17-7-19

‘Businesses on Douglas Promenade Have Been "Damaged" by Over-Running Work' 16-7-19

Promenade 'Rail Corridor' Priority For DoI 14-7-19

Rebuilt Douglas Bay Horse car No.29 9-7-19

MER Geography pages - Howstrake 9-7-19

MER Geography pages - Queens Valley 9-7-19

MER Ratchet car No.28 pages Updated 5-7-19

MER Trailer No.36 pages Updated 5-7-19

Horse Tramway UPDATE 30-6-19

'More Space For Trams And Traffic Insists DoI' 10-6-19

Historic Baillie-Scott Building Under Threat Again 28-5-19

Resumption Of Tram Service Along Douglas Promenade 24-5-19

MER Car Operates Along Horse Tramway 21-5-19

“New Brakes Mean Snaefell Trams Have Never Been Safer” 13-5-19

Horse Trams set to run for just 500 metres 8-5-19

Horse Trams Expected To Return In Time For TT 1-5-19

MER Trailer No.42 pages UPDATED 30-4-19

Car 14 launched back into service 29-4-19

Winter Saloon Car 20 pages UPDATED 28-4-19

Book Reviews page added 26-04-19

MER Geography Pages - Queens Drive UPDATED 26-04-19

Winter Trailer No.58 pages UPDATED 25-04-19

Royal Trailer No.59 pages UPDATED 24-4-19

Horse Tramway Season To Commence On Time ? 18-4-19

SMR Season Gets Underway 30-3-19

First Tram Lines Laid On Douglas Prom 29-3-19

2019 Manx Heritage Transport Festival, Rush Hour On The Railways & MER/SMR/Douglas Horse Tramway Seasonal Services 13-3-19

Planning Application – Temporary Horse Tramway Storage 9-3-19

New Events, New Management, Same Fantastic Views! 22-2-19

Additional Passing Place for Horse Tramway 18-2-19

Objections To Plans For Demolition Of Historic Groudle Glen Hotel 5-2-19

Rush Hour On The Railways 01-02-19

Heritage Railway's Timetables 2019 17-1-19


The Latest Demonstrator Bus 16-1-19

Recent Horse Tramway Developments 14-1-19

Ian Longworth Stands Down From Full-time Work 7-1-19

Delivery Of New Buses & A Demonstartor Visits The Island 4-1-19

2018 Passenger Figures ***UPDATED 3-1-19***

2018 Passenger Figures 17-12-18

Tomato Box No 49 On The Move! 6-12-18

Demoltion of Strathallan Depot 27-11-18

MER To Gain A New Depot ? 20-11-18

Tynwald Approval For New Horse Tramway Depot 20-11-18

HGV Caught Up In Power Lines 7-11-18

'Horse Trams Don't Cause Congestion' 31-10-18

Last Day Of The Horse Tramway’s 2018 Season 22-10-18

Douglas Bay Horse Tramway To Celebrate New Beginnings 27-9-18

Horse Tramway's 2018 Cut Short Due To Prom Work 26-9-18

Transport Hub For Ramsey 21-9-18

Heritage Railways Services Suspended 19-9-18

Bulkhead Trailer No.54 Receives Attention 19-9-18

Douglas Prom Works Due To Commence on Monday 17th September 13-9-18

The Launch of 'Ratchet' car No.14 3-9-18

MER 125 Events - PRESS RELEASE 28-8-18

Douglas Horse Car No.34 UPDATE 13-8-18

MER Stopping Places Laxey Station - 8-8-18

Green Liveried SMR Car 4 Returns To Service - 7-8-18

MERS PRESS RELEASE - Former DCT Car No.34 - 7-8-18

Progress At Derby Castle Depot 6-8-18

Trailer 61 pages UPDATED 3-8-18

Car 49 - Open Storage In Ramsey UPDATE 31-7-18

"Benefit Of Having A Network Of Railways" 26-7-18

Celebration Of Our Island’s Heritage Transport With Action-Packed Five-day Festival 19-7-18

MER Trailer 51 24-7-18

Douglas Horse Car 44 24-07-18

MER Ratchet Car 14 21-7-18

"Runaway Mountain Tram Accident Report Is Finished" 7-7-18

Planning Consent Gained for Rebuilding of Horse Tramway Depot 3-7-18

Return to Isle of Man Transport - 2-7-18

Launch of Repainted MER Van No.4 1-7-18

MER 125 Stamp Launch 29-6-18

"Scrapping Laxey to Ramsey MER Not Ruled Out" 26-6-18

Planning Application For Derby Castle Depot 25-6-18

MER 125 Events 22-6-18

Re-profiled Wheels For Trailer 56 20-6-18

Heritage Railways Services 2019 20-6-18

"Record TT Passenger Figures For Isle of Man Transport" 19-6-18

"Horse tram collision on Douglas Prom" 14-6-18

MER Winter Saloon Car 22 6-6-18

MER Winter Trailer 58 5-6-18

MER Winter Saloon 19 5-6-18

MER Winter Saloon Car 21 5-6-18

MER Paddlebox Car No.26 5-6-18

Horse Car No.42 returns to service. 31-5-18

'Train Shed Fire In Douglas' 27-5-18

MER Car 2 Photo Album Update 23-5-18

Further Changes at Laxey ??? 22-5-18

Horse Tram Running Costs Near To Half A Million 17-4-18

Rebuilt Horse Car No.36 - 15-4-18

The Return of Car No.45 - 6-4-18

Planning Application Submitted For The Demolition & Replacement of Horse Tramway Depot - 5-4-18

'Snaefell Mountain Railway Set To Resume' 29-3-18

News Release From IoM Transport 'Snaefell Mountain Railway To Reopen on Good Friday
'Snaefell Mountain Railway To Reopen on Good Friday

First Day Of The 2018 Horse Tramway Season 29-3-18

'No SMR Trams Today - Services Will Resume Tomorrow' 29-3-18

Start of the Horse Tram Season 28-3-18

MER Fleet Pages - Trailer No.40 28-3-18

MER car No.19 winter repaint 25-3-18

‘No Green Light Yet For Mountain Trams To Run Again' Isle of Man Newspapers 22-3-18

First Day Of The MER’s 2018 Seasonal Service - New Shelter For Ramsey - 23-3-18

MER/SMR/Douglas Horse Tramway Operating Season 9-3-18

Manx Transport Review No.96 - Winter/Spring 2018 9-3-18

Trailer 51 6-3-18

Bulkhead Trailers 36 & 37 27-02-18

Promenade Redevelopment Gains Planning Consent 16-2-18

"Snaefell Mountain Railway Is Under Formal Prohibition Notice" 8-2-18

'Decision To Buy Diesel 'Flawed' 29-1-18

"Tram Safety Is Key But No Failsafe Brakes Yet" 28-1-18

Rush Hour On The Railways 23-1-18

Isle of Man Railways Timetables 2018 - Evening Services On The Horse Tramway 16-1-18


Car 14 - January 2018 14-1-18


Press Release From The Department Of Infrastructure - Douglas Promenade 10-1-18

DoI's Planning New Application for the Reconstruction of Loch & Harris Promenades 9-1-18

Manx Transport Review No.96 – Winter/Spring 2018 4-1-18

The Grave of George F. Milnes - An Appeal 1-1-18

"Fail-Safe Brakes To Be Fitted To Snaefell Trams" 30-12-17

'Alpine Trip For Transport Bosses' - Freedom of Information Request 14-12-17


Runaway Snaefell tram inquiry is 'progressing 6-12-17

MERS POSTBOX ‘Dysfunctional Tram Decisions’ - 23-11-17

‘Dysfunctional Tram Decisions’ - 21-11-17


2018 Heritage Railways Scheduled Services 6-11-17

Years of Railways Travelling Post Office special - MER/DCT/IOMRS/IMR 2-11-17

Planning Application For Temporary Tramway Stables 30-10-17

MER Geography pages - Ballabeg 28-10-17

Douglas Horse Car No.1 - SEALINK advert 28-10-17






POSTBOX SMR Runaway - How Long Has This Been Going On ? 4-10-17




'Urgent Changes Are Needed To Veteran Trams' 29-9-17


POSTBOX SMR Runaway - How Long Has This Been Going On ?

SMR Runaway - How Long Has This Been Going On ? 27-9-17

Snaefell Railway Likely Closed Till 2018 26-9-17

MERS POSTBOX - Services Suspended On The Snaefell Mountain Railway

Snaefell Mountain Railway Suspended Indefinitely 25-9-17

Car 19 & Winter Trailer 57 – Derby Castle 25-9-17

SMR Runaway – Questions In Tynwald 24-9-17

MER Car 25 23-9-17

3FM “Mountain Railway Suspended Over Safety Concerns” 22-9-17

Snaefell Mountain Railway Services Suspended 22-9-17

Douglas Horse Tramway Saloon Car 29 22-9-17

Winter Trailer 57's Interior 22-9-17

MERS POSTBOX - Keeping The Ordinary Fare Paying Customer Satisfied ? Or Perhaps How Not To !

MER Suffers Vandalism 20-9-17

Keeping The Ordinary Fare Paying Customer Satisfied ? Or Perhaps How Not To ! 20-9-17

The Society pages 20-9-17

Wot ! No Weedkilling 19-9-17

Douglas Horse Car No.1 19-9-17

MER Trailer Running Boards 17-9-17

Cunningham's Camp Escalator 17-9-17

SMR Runaway Car 2 17-9-17

The Destruction of SMR Car 2 17-9-17

The Overturning of MER Trailer 58 17-9-17

Freedom of Information Request - SMR Car Maintenance 7-9-17

MERS Freedom of Information Request - “Statistics Can Paint A Misleading Picture” says Mr Longworth

MER Tunnel Car No.6 6-9-17

Douglas Tram Horses "Not Overworked" 4-9-17

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