“A review of options for a scaled-down transport interchange for Ramsey is expected to be complete in the next few months. Meanwhile, Manx Electric Railway services will continue to stop short of the old terminus due to concerns about the safety of the track.

Controversial plans to create a transport ’interchange’ in Ramsey were thrown out in 2015. The proposals submitted by the Department of Infrastructure included clearing the existing Ramsey MER station and creating a combined tram and bus station, car park and bus parking, refuelling and washing facilities. It argued this would overcome problems caused by the current bus and tram stations being separated and would focus public transport nearer the town centre. Replacing the current bus station would also free up land for development.

But the planning inspector recommended refusal, saying that it would be ’industrial’ in character, of 'utilitarian appearance' and visually 'intrusive'. He said it would ‘cause significant harm to the character and appearance’ of the area.

In 2017 Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer told the House of Keys that the idea was to come back with a ’more modest’ scheme to Tynwald at the ’earliest opportunity’. And in February this year he told the Keys that a draft plan should be ready by late summer.

A spokesman for Isle of Man Transport said: ’Significant design and costing work has been undertaken and we are still considering a small number of options to find a solution that provides best value but meets the critical safety and operational requirements of the transport interchange. We expect to have concluded a review of the options within the next few months. 'This will then be followed by consultation and planning applications as required.’' Trams now stop short of the old station and do not cross Parsonage Road.

The spokesman explained: ’The tracks in Ramsey station are approaching end of life, particularly on the road crossing, and this increases the risk of derailment. The decision has been made to stop short as a precautionary measure, and there is no risk to passengers.’ “

The disused Ramsey Plaza Station as captured on the 13th July 2017.


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