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FIFTY-YEARS ago in April 1973, the Manx Electric Railway Society was formed. The Society journal first appeared in June 1973 as MANN-TRAM. Ten years later from issue No.40 it became MANX TRANSPORT REVIEW (MTR) to include news and feature articles about other Manx transport systems - road, rail, sea and air.

An index for the first 90 issues of the magazine appeared in MTR No.92. This index was the work of Richard Dodge. As the magazine passes its 100th edition, it seems appropriate to update the index to cover all issues published during the first 50 years of the Society.

Included in the index are features, articles, editorials (where a specific editorial title was included in the journal) and authors, where credited - generally news reports, reviews and individual photographs have been omitted. Feature titles and journal issue number are listed in normal font, whilst author and journal page number are highlighted in italics. For anyone seeking works by an individual author, these have been added into the index under the authors' name in addition to the article title.

MTR No.100 included an account of the history and evolution of the journal from its earliest days as a single duplicated foolscap sheet, to the digitally printed A5 colour magazine before you today. Several complete sets of the journal are known to exist, not least in the archives of The British Library, London. The printed version of this index will be published in Manx Transport Review No.102.

The index can be downloaded HERE

Back issues of MANN-TRAM are available to view HERE.

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