'The government still has not produced a report into the possibility of using the island’s rail network for commuter travel - 11 years after pledging to do so.

In July 2008, Tynwald passed a resolution for the former Department of Tourism and Leisure to carry out the report and come back 12 months later.

So far, that deadline has been missed by more than 10 years.

In fairness to the Department of Infrastructure, in whose hands such a report now lies, Tynwald did agree in 2017 to change the deadline to July 2019.

But in the House of Keys this week Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer acknowledged that deadline had also been missed.

He said: ’The intention of the department is to cover this issue within the forthcoming bus and rail strategy.

’As I have previously reported, the development of that strategy has been delayed pending the outcome of the work on climate change and the associated action plan to lower emissions.’

Lawrie Hooper (LibVan, Ramsey) asked if the strategy will include detailed consideration of commuter trains.

And the Minister confirmed that it would.'

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