The nationalisation of the MER in 1957 produced the first MER Board of Tynwald which decided to replace traditional MER livery with an ill chosen green and white scheme, and the first of these repaints appeared on 24th December 1957. Disregarding the howls of protest, and the incidental danger of cars not being easily seen on the approach to road crossings, the Board pursued its policy until October 1958, by which time Cars Nos. 1, 20, 21, 22, 27, 29, 32 and 33, together with Trailer Nos. 50, 61, 62 and Snaefell Nos. 2 and 4 had acquired the new green livery which featured white lettering and numerals shaded blue, with white and grey interiors. With the end of this Board, repaints from November 1958 reverted to traditional livery and the last green thing disappeared in September 1963. In 1979 Car 32 and Trailer 62 were ‘treated’ to green livery again although a different shade was used.

Since that time, Paddlebox No.16 and Bulkhead Trailer No.60 have also received green paintwork, and more recently cars 21, 32 (proving that lightening can strike three times !) and 62 have also been similarly treated.

Car 1

Car 1 and one of the two surviving 1894 trailers at Laxey Station during the late 1950s. Up until it's last repaint in 2004 it was still possible to find traces of green paint on Car 1. (Photo: J. Copland

Paddlebox Car 27

Paddlebox Car 27 was the only member of its class to be 'treated' to green paint in the 1950s, it is seen here at Laxey on a glorious day in the company of a red trailer. (Photo: J. Copland)

UEC Car 32 & Trailer 62

Car 32 and matching trailer 62 are seen laying over on the Groudle Siding at Derby Castle in the late 1950s. 32 & 62 were restored to traditional livery shortly after this photograph was taken. The impressive IOMT&EP Co canopy was demolished in 1980 as it was declared to be in poor condition. (Phot…

UEC Car 32 & Trailer 62

32 & 62 were yet again the unlucky recipients ( lightening can strike the same place twice ?) to receive a coat of green and white from 1979 when they were repainted as one of the MER’s contributions to the tenuous 1979 Centenary of Electric Traction Event. The shade of green used this time was dif…

1896 Trailer 60 & Paddlebox Car 16

As an added attraction for the enthusiast events being held in 1998, it was decided after a gap of 12 years that another MER Car would carry green livery. Out of service Car 25 was originally penciled in for attention but examination of the Paddlebox revealed it required substantial work before it…


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