Minister for the Department of Infrastructure – Tim Baker, has predictably lost his seat in the constituency of Ayre & Michael. It is believed his significant involvement in the much delayed and troubled rebuild of Douglas Promenade was a major factor in the former MHK’s fall from grace.

The election result for Ayre & Michael was as follows:

Alf Cannan 2117 (ELECTED)
Tim Johnston 1203 (ELECTED)
Tim Baker 709
PaulWetherall 540
Duncan Livingstone 517
Sos Boussougou 189
Phil Corkill 378
Madelaine Westall 168

Perhaps coincidentally, Ray Harmer who was Mr. Baker’s predecessor at the DoI, was also largely rejected by the electorate, losing his seat for Peel & Glenfaba which he has held since first being elected to the Keys in a by-election held in 2015. In common with his former Tynwald colleague, Mr. Harmer was the focus of severe and prolonged criticism concerning his handling of the £25 million Promenade scheme, which many commentators have described as being ‘botched’ and ‘flawed’.


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