"Traffic will now 'flow freely' Road construction along Douglas Promenade is now complete."

"The final length of surface course has been laid this week on Central Promenade.

The Department of Infrastructure claims it's a 'major milestone' and marks the end of the refurbishment scheme.

All 'significant' traffic management, and temporary traffic lights, will be removed and traffic will 'flow freely'. "

Manx Radio

The announcement from the Department of Infrastructure as published on the MyProm website is reproduced in full as follows:

"The Department is pleased to report the road construction along Douglas promenade is now complete, with the final length of surface course being laid this week on Central Promenade.

This is a major milestone to reaching the end of the Refurbishment Scheme and allows all significant traffic management and temporary traffic lights to be removed, allowing traffic to once again flow freely.

All highway parking spaces are now accessible ahead of the start of late-night shopping, with additional temporary parking on the walkway returning on the 25th November. "


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