MERS awaits a decision from the DoI

"An offer of £9,000 to run the Snaefell Mountain Railway service will be considered, but the approach "hasn't been helpful," according to the Infrastructure Minister.

That offer came from the Manx Electric Railway Society, after the route was axed by the infrastructure department.

Secretary, Julian Nutter, said he hoped the decision would be reversed, and that the department should "accept this gift as something which is intended to help in these difficult times."

Asked on Manx Radio's Perspective programme whether he would be accepting it, Tim Baker said it's under consideration.

"He should have bitten our hand off, but we've heard nothing from him since, which of course, doesn't surprise us."

Mr Nutter's comments can be heard HERE.

Manx Radio

Since the publication of the above story on Manx Radio’s website and Facebook page, the following supportive comments have been received:

Anne Dawson - Not much hope with the deluded Mr. Baker, who is the only one who thinks he is doing a good job! Good luck MERS think your offer outstanding and a very positive approach to something that should be celebrated. Heritage is very important.

Mark Simpson - Perhaps if you were a little bit more forward looking and open the Isle for visitors you could help with the cost of the various projects? I know the virus is still around, but it's hear to stay for a while yet, it's all about getting the balance right

David Winnell - There have been a lot of “unhelpful” approaches made to projects on the island the last few months. I don’t consider MERS’ approach to be unhelpful, rather the opposite.

Johnny Smithson - Oh dear!! What a silly minister!!

Juan Mellows - Johnny Smithson correct. What a clown

Graham Ward - Closed airport, Ben technical difficulties, Mountain Railway, Flood scheme in Laxey, Dumping waste from Peel, Indeed what can we do, Vote them out next chance.

Tony Harmer - Mr Baker should remember that he is elected by the voters and start using some common sense. If there are facts that are not in the public domain he should trust the people more and divulge the information.

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