“The UK’s biggest homebuilder is considering a multi-million pound project to redevelop the former Summerland site, it was claimed in Tynwald today.

Backbench MHK Chris Robertshaw revealed details during a debate on spending £1.5m on reconstructing the Strathallan horse tram depot.

Mr Robertshaw said he had received an email that morning from fellow Douglas East MHK Clare Bettison who indicated she would not be able to vote in the motion as she was conflicted.

He said: ’I inquired from her what that reason is. She was reluctant to discuss the matter with me for obvious reasons and passed me on to Berkeley Holdings Ltd.’

Mr Robertshaw said he had spoken to Berkerley - the UK’s biggest homebuilder and third biggest development company - and was ’given to understand they have made ’representations to the department with regard to a multi, multi-million pound project at Summerland’.

’I further understand that they intend to travel to the island to meet with the Minister in January.’

He said under the plan, the island would effectively get a new tram depot for nothing as well as a multi-million pound project.

Mr Robertshaw urged the Minister to do nothing that would ’preclude entertaining such an important project’.

We have asked Berkeley Holdings to provide a statement.”
IoM Newspapers

"The Summerland site could be subject to a major development, following an announcement in Tynwald today (Tues 20).

During the debate on spending £1.5 million for the Strathallan Suite, members were informed the location was of interest to Berkeley Homes, a multi-million pound UK property firm.

Douglas East MHK, who tabled his support for the motion of Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer, received an email from his fellow constituency MHK Claire Bettison explaining a personal conflict with the vote.

Manx Radio understands Berkeley Homes St Edward, a joint venture company of Berkeley Group Holdings, is exploring a proposal for the site.

The London-based St Edward has five developments in the City, including apartments on Strand, Kensington High Street and Kensington Row, as well as Green Park Village in Reading.

The King Edward Road area has been derelict since 2006 and has since been marketed as a 'seafront development opportunity'. "
Manx Radio


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