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3FM “Mountain Railway Suspended Over Safety Concerns”

Island Radio Station Claims Suspension Of Services Is Due To Safety Concerns. "It's understood safety concerns mean every tram on the Snaefell Mountain Railway is currently out of commission. This morning, the Department of Infrastructure announced services have been suspended. The trams have been…

Snaefell Mountain Railway - Services Suspended

Closed today due to technical issues "The Snaefell Mountain Railway service has been suspended this morning. Infrastructure officials say technical issues have caused the closure - though they'll be providing an update later in the day." Read the article on Manx Radio's Website. Isle of Man Transpo…

Douglas Council Seeks Permission To Sell Historic Tramway Stables

3fm reports that Douglas Council are seeking permission to sell off the historic tramway stables located at the foot of Summerhill. The stables date back to the very earliest days of the tramway which opened in 1876. Click HERE to read the article and watch the video clip.

MERS POSTBOX - Keeping The Ordinary Fare Paying Customer Satisfied ? Or Perhaps How Not To !

A number of comments have recently been received following the posting of the article Keeping The Ordinary Fare Paying Customer Satisfied ? Or Perhaps How Not To ! The comments can be viewed by clicking HERE. The Manx Electric Railway Society welcomes letters and emails of interest to readers of Ma…

MER Suffers Vandalism

Baldrine latest to be targeted "Vandals have been wreaking more damage on the Island's historic railways. A number of windows at the Baldrine MER tram stop were smashed overnight on Monday. It's the latest in a series of attacks, after parts of the Groudle Glen Railway and the tram depot in Ramsey…

WOT ! No Weedkilling

For much of the 2017 season the MER's permanent way, particularly on the Laxey/Ramsey section has looked in need of at least some rudimentary weed-killing attention. The line would also benefit from the cutting back of lineside vegetation at various points. A similar situation also exists on the Is…


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