“The reinstatement of a horse tramway from Broadway to the Sea Terminal would cost a ‘substantial amount of money’.

Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas was asked about it in the House of Keys.

Currently, the tracks go from the old Derby Castle site to Broadway. Until the promenade was refurbished, they went to the Sea Terminal.

Mr Thomas said that the completion of the horse tramway track is always in the long list of possibilities for the division for the department of infrastructure.

Mr Thomas explained to the House of Keys: ‘A draft budget submission to undertake the work in isolation was submitted in 2022. That was not progressed at that time due to other critical financial priorities for the department and government as a whole.’

He said that the project was ‘descoped’ in 2020 due to budget constraints.

Garff MHK Daphne Caine asked the minister whether he was setting up the horse trams for failure considering the majority of hotels are between the Sea Terminal and Broadway, which Mr Thomas said that he wasn’t.”

Isle of Man Newspapers


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