“From today (24/05/23) Manx Electric Railway cars will be using the original Ramsey Tram Station following reconstruction works on the Parsonage Road crossing.

The Station has been out of use for several years and we would ask that motorist take extra care in the area as trams will be crossing the road once again.

Customers are advised that they should now wait for their tram outside the main station building.”

Ratchet car No.14 & trailer No.51 are shown at Ramsey on May 22nd. (Photo: IoM Transport)

MERS Comment: On Monday (May 22nd), Ratchet car No.14 and trailer 51 were dispatched to Ramsey in order to test the re-laid road crossing and the existing trackwork within Plaza Station. The opportunity was also taken to familiarise MER staff with the shunting manoeuvres required within the MER’s traditional northern terminal point. The first timetabled service to terminate at Ramsey Station was the 9.40am departure from Derby Castle which was formed of Tunnel car No.7 and matching liveried trailer No.48.


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