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'Stop Horse Trams at Sefton', says Council Leader

“The leader of Douglas Council believes stopping the horse tramway at the Sefton Hotel would speed up the regeneration of the promenade. David Christian feels laying down the tracks will cause more unneeded disruption to the multi-million-pound work. However, he accepts there are many who won’t sup…

Restoring Laxey Goods Shed

Volunteers from the Great Laxey Mine Railway have launched an appeal to raise funds towards the restoration of the former Manx Electric Railway Goods Shed at Laxey. For full details, click HERE to download the appeal leaflet.

‘DOI 'Hiding Overspend' With Prom Scheme Split, Says MHK’

‘Future Tynwald to vote again on tramway length’ An MHK says the Department of Infrastructure is trying to hide an overspend by splitting up the Douglas promenade scheme. The DOI has separated out the stretch of tramway from Broadway to the Sea Terminal out of its main contract with Auldyn Construc…

Future of Horse Tramway Length in Hands of Next Tynwald

“Tynwald will once again be asked to approve plans to run the horse tram tracks between Broadway and the Sea Terminal. The work has now been removed from the main promenade scheme despite previously being planned, budgeted for and approved. This also include the 'roundels', which will now be finish…

‘MHK To Question Horse Tram Works’

Today's sitting of the House of Keys will include a question for oral answer in connection with the ongoing saga of the Horse Tramway. ‘Garff's Daphne Caine wants details about where the tram tracks will be and the costs, when promenade works concludes in the summer.’ Manx Radio

'Horse Tram Tracks to Be Completed Over Winter'

"Current stage has been delayed due to Covid-19" 'Work to rebuild the horse tram tracks along part of Douglas Promenade will be completed over the winter period.' The infrastructure minister says he will seek Tynwald approval for the stretch, between Broadway and the Sea Terminal, in November. Tim…

‘Contractor To Repair Prom Concrete Cracks’

‘Infrastructure Minister Says They Know Their Responsibility’ “The infrastructure minister says it's the responsibility of Auldyn Construction Limited to repair cracks in the red concrete on Douglas Promenade. Other issues identified in the latest project board minutes include no pavement lighting…

​‘MHK Doubts Tram Tracks Will Be Fully Relaid’

‘MHK Doubts Tram Tracks Will Be Fully Relaid’ ‘Doi Says Work To Be Done In Two Phases’ “A Douglas East MHK says she remains unconvinced tram tracks will be relaid for the entire length of Douglas promenade. Clare Barber also sits on a Tynwald committee which has been tasked with looking at the rede…


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