Work started on Monday, May 9 2023, to relay the Manx Electric Railway’s Parsonage Road crossing, which will hopefully allow electric cars to return to Ramsey Plaza Station in time for the hectic TT Festival period.

From the start of the MER's 2017 operating season, revised arrangements at Ramsey for the shunting of cars and handling of passengers came into use, whilst the future of the traditional Plaza Station remained the subject of much speculation. The MER was effectively cut back to a cramped and awkward site south of Parsonage Road crossing, this area was formerly occupied by the 1899 built car shed and its associated track-work, which after demolition was surfaced with gravel to provide an area for passengers. Some distance away, Ramsey Plaza station building remained in use providing accommodation for a Booking Clerk and offering passengers a waiting room and toilet facilities.

Shunting complete, 21 and 47 await departure from Parsonage Road. Ramsey Plaza Station can be seen in the distance.

The shunting of car sets south of Parsonage Road making use a single crossover was a complicated and protracted process, and no extra running time was allocated to perform such manoeuvres. Simplifying and speeding up the shunting of trams and trailers will no doubt be welcomed by MER traffic crews.


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