The Online Transport Archive has been curating collections of still and moving images for over 20 years. It’s chairman, Charles Roberts (no relation to the tram builder!), briefly reviews OTA’s activities and progress over that period before going on to showcase one important collection. This covers part of Chicago-based enthusiast Ray DeGroote’s visit to the British Isles in May 1955 in which he visited as many electric traction systems as time, and his 25-year-old’s budget, would allow. Charles’s presentation covers his visit to Blackpool, as well as his stay in Liverpool and trips to Llandudno and the Isle of Man. A unique colour snapshot of those places as they were at the time.

Charles is well known for a number of quality transport related books which he has co-authored with Martin Jenkins, notable titles being ‘The Leaving of Liverpool’ which chronicles in great depth the final days of the Liverpool Tramway system, and two colour volumes covering Isle of Man Transport.

All are welcome to attend the presentation which starts at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd November 2023 at the Wings Club, 35 Victoria Rd W, Cleveleys, Thornton-Cleveleys FY5 3LA

For further information please contact the Fylde Tramway Society by clicking HERE


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