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The Grave of George F. Milnes - An Appeal

The Friends of Flaybrick is a voluntary group who foster interest in the Flaybrick Cemetery in Birkenhead. At one time Flaybrick was the main cemetery for Birkenhead people. George F. Milnes is buried there. The friends group give guided tours of their most famous Birkonians and on the tour they so…

"Fail-Safe Brakes To Be Fitted To Snaefell Trams"

"Fail-safe brakes are to be fitted to Snaefell Mountain Railway trams to prevent further runaway incidents." "Director public transport Ian Longworth says that the new equipment will be fitted on the veteran trams over the winter. He said: ’We realise that the current equipment does not meet modern…

'Alpine Trip For Transport Bosses' - Freedom of Information Request

"Public transport officials traveled to Switzerland and Austria to check out safety equipment used on mountain railways." "Director of public transport Ian Longworth, together with a traction engineer and a specialist railway safety engineer were there to assess safety systems and see if they could…


Director of Public Transport makes trip to Switzerland "Adapting safety systems on the Snaefell Mountain Railway has prompted a government delegation to Switzerland. Director Ian Longworth, a traction engineer, and a specialist railway safety engineer visited the manufacturers and designers of mode…

Runaway Snaefell tram inquiry is 'progressing'

Isle of Man Newspapers – 6th December 2017 “The accident investigation into the runaway Snaefell mountain tram is ’progressing’, according to the head of the Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate. Bernard Warden said his team was close to gathering all the evidence they need but he said he could n…

MERS POSTBOX ‘Dysfunctional Tram Decisions’

A number of comments have been received in response to the publication in the IoM Examiner of Julian Edwards’ letter calling for the Horse Tramway’s historic stables and depot to be to be registered as Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. The comments can be viewed by clicking H…

‘Dysfunctional Tram Decisions’

Letters Page - Isle of Man Examiner – Tuesday November 21st CLICK IMAGE TO MAGNIFY The writer, island resident Julian Edwards is well known as being the owner of privately preserved former Manx Northern Railway Loco No.14 ‘Thornhill’ and Cleminson Coach N45.


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