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‘DoI considering 'non-standard' warning sign for horse trams’

“Warning signs to alert visitors and residents of the presence of horse tram tracks on Douglas Promenade could be introduced. The Department of Infrastructure says it’s considering ‘non-standard’ signage to assist road users of hazard awareness. One accident, concerning the tracks, has been recorde…

​Ian Longworth Retires & Chris Thomas MHK Appointed as DOI Minister

Ian Longworth leaves his post after 13 years. “The Isle of Man’s Director of Transport has announced he will be leaving Government. The Department of Infrastructure says Ian Longworth is retiring as he has now ‘reached the traditional retirement age’. Mr. Longworth had planned to retire previously…

Testing of Horse Tramway Begins

“One of the Douglas prom horse trams became derailed under ‘controlled conditions’ while undergoing testing. This was being done to ensure the rail is installed correctly on a curved section of the track, and was being observed by the railway inspector who is currently on-island. The Department of…

Crookall ‘More Confident’ Horse Trams Will Run This Year

“Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall has said he is ‘more confident’ the horse trams will run this season. This follows his comments in Tynwald last week when he said he was ‘not hopeful’ it would happen. He said: ‘I’m more confident that the horse trams will run later this summer, and will provid…

Summer Transport Festival 2022

The full itinerary for the 2022 Summer Transport Festival has now been released by Isle of Man Transport. Click HERE to view the programme.

MHK labels work to reinstate horse tram tracks 'a disgrace'

‘Daphne Caine is set to question the DOI minister during Tynwald sitting’ “Garff MHK Daphne Caine has hit out at the Department of Infrastructure, saying the work to reinstate the horse tram tracks along Douglas promenade is a 'shambles and a disgrace'. Mrs Caine will ask DoI Minister Tim Crookall…

‘Horse trams to be discussed in next week’s Tynwald’

‘Garff MHK Daphne Caine will ask the Minister for Infrastructure when the Horse Tramway on Douglas Promenade will be completed and when trams will operate. She will also ask the Minister for Enterprise what assessment has been made by his department and the Visit Agency of both the heritage value a…


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