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Harmer named as new DOI Minister

Recently elected Chief Minister Howard Quayle (the new owner of Douglas Car 37) has unveiled his Council of Ministers. Ray Harmer, one of the two Peel & Glenfaba MHKs has been appointed as the new Minister of the Department of Infrastructure, which amongst other things is responsible for the state…


Mann Tram was the forerunner of Manx Transport Review, the current MERS journal. The first issue of Mann Tram edited by George Hearse and dated June 1973, was published in the form of a foolscap newsheet. With increased circulation, from issue No.16 with Mike Goodwyn taking over as editor, Mann Tra…

Going, going, gone! Six horse trams sold – but what now?

British Trams Online, one of the best tram and light rail websites on the internet, reports on the sale of six horse trams at the weekend… "The much-discussed auction on Saturday 27th August on the Isle of Man, resulted in the sale of six long-withdrawn Douglas horse tramcars. The six raised a comb…

MERS Secretary comments on TRAM SALE

Commenting on yesterday's sale by auction of six tramcars, Secretary Julian Nutter outlines position of MERS: "The committee of our Society concluded last week, (based upon reliable intelligence) that we should do all we could to prevent the loss of at least one car. We decided to try to save the s…


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