“Doubt is being cast on whether government owned properties on Tramway Terrace in Douglas will be demolished after all.

Government appears to be backtracking on emergency demolition plans despite the Department of Infrastructure seeking a contractor to take down the registered building.

Last week the DoI claimed 1-3 Tramway Terrace needed to be demolished ‘as soon as possible’ following the results of inspections, and structural assessment, after stormy weather.

Due to the building’s proximity to the horse tram stables, services for the rest of the season, were reduced to ensure ‘continued safety of horses and staff’.

The decision led to frustration from some who didn't believe proper planning processes had been followed.

Now government appears to be contradicting its earlier plans saying demolition may not be required.

In a statement released today it said: 'The Department of Infrastructure is aware that an announcement about properties on Tramway Terrace in Douglas, which are currently unsafe to use, had stated that they will be demolished.

'This is not necessarily the case and DoI are committed to ensure they follow appropriate procedure in regard to registered buildings.

'As part of this process DEFA has instructed a conservation accredited registered engineer to carry out an independent structural review of the properties this week. The structural review will be used by the parties to consider appropriate actions. This will ensure all processes are followed correctly while dealing with the immediate risks to health and safety in an appropriate way.'

In the House of Keys today Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall said the building ‘may’ have to come down. That's despite his earlier claim that his department was looking for a firm to carry out the demolition work ‘straightaway.”

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