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Controversial proposals narrowly defeated in Tynwald

Controversial proposals to shorten the Island's iconic horse tram service have been narrowly defeated - pending a re-vote in January. The need for a further combined vote next month on the matter came after the House of Keys and the Legislative Council were divided over the issue. Tynwald had been…

Future Of Horse Tramway To Be Debated In Tynwald Today.

The future of the Horse Tramway is due to be discussed again at today's (13th December 2016) sitting of Tynwald. Full coverage of the proceedings can be heard on Manx Radio from 10.30. Visit Manx Radio's Website for further information.

Horse Tramway Petition Comments In Full

CLICK HERE TO READ ALL 1,341 COMMENTS The MERS Petitions have received no fewer than 2,368 respondents containing 1,341 comments from those who signed the petitions opposing the DoI proposals for the Horse Tramway. The comments can be viewed in full HERE. If nothing else, such a response demonstrat…

"Society Claims Minister Has Backtracked Over Prom Plans."

THREE FM Reports "People on the Isle of Man are being encouraged to object to plans to scrap the horse tram tracks between the Sea Terminal and Broadway. The Manx Electric Railway Society has started an on-line petition objecting to the ideawhich the Department of Infrastructure will take to Tynwal…

Defending the indefensible?

As Tynwald prepares to vote next week to give the go ahead for a £20M+ road resurfacing scheme - current member for Peel and Glenfaba, Cambridge educated Infrastructure Minister Raymond Harmer (49), set out the case to MTV's Paul Moulton. No one questions the need to "get on" with repairing Douglas…

Harmer Claims Cutting Horse Tramway Is The "Way Forward"

SIGN THE PETITION TO SAVE THE HORSE TRAMS HERE. In yet another remarkable interview and in the face of howls of protest, DOI Minster – Ray Harmer MHK claims that cutting the Horse Tramway back to Broadway is the “Way Forward”. To hear Mr Harmer's comments click HERE.


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