Ramsey Sprint Day is traditionally the busiest day of the year for the Manx Electric Railway as hundreds of bikers and spectators make their way North to view the Motorcycle Sprint on Ramsey's Mooragh Promenade. We turn the clock back to Tuesday 4th June 2002 to see just some of the car sets that travelled to the Northern terminus on the day.The variety of trams and trailers that made it through to Ramsey offered many unusual and unique photographic opportunities some of which would be unrepeatable today. All photographs are from the MERS Collection.

Car Sets To Ramsey 6+41, 19+44, 9+48, 22+42, 16+60, 20+46, 2+40, 26+61, 6+41, 5+43, 1+49, 19+44, 9+48, 22+42, 20+46, 16+60, 2+40, 6+41, 5+43, 19+44, 9+48, 22+42. In addition due to a shortage of serviceable trams, Per Way Car 7 was pressed back into service and operated Laxey Specials.

Ramsey Sprint saw the first appearance of freshly repainted Winter Saloon Car 19 which carried
this rendition of 1950s MER Company austerity livery.

Paddlebox Car 16 and 1896 built Trailer 60 have just arrived from Douglas and wait alongside the former
Cattle Dock siding prior to entering the Station to shunt before returning to Douglas.

Having been uncoupled from Car 16, the conductor releases 60's brakes allowing it roll the full length
of the station prior to being coupled up to its motor car again.

Shunting complete, 16 and 60 are now ready to return South with another journey to Douglas.

1894 Tunnel Car 6 had its twin windscreens restored during a rebuild following its severe collision with the
MER's hedge-cutting tractor during July 1991. Paddlebox Car 26 still looks very smart in its 1992 applied
coat of paint applied by volunteers from the MER Society. 26 is currently stored out of service awaiting a thorough overhaul.

A genuine 1893 combination in the form of Car 1 & Trailer 49, pause by the former Cattle Dock Siding prior to entering Ramsey Station.

Car 2 was returned to use in time for the 2002 TT Festival following a partial repaint in which it received this approximation of Isle of Man Tramways & Electric Power Company blue livery. The paint job was rather half hearted as the shade of blue was considerably lighter than the correct shade of Prussian Blue (as per the preserved Douglas Cable Car) also the 1893 car still retained traces of its previous Maroon livery.

A busy scene capturing Trailers 49, 46 and 60.

Paddlebox Car 26 and trailer 61 sit alongside blue liveried car 2.

Tunnel Cars 5 & 6 carrying similar liveries with different side titling.

Car 1 and Trailer 49 are stabled outside Ramsey Car Shed. Shortly after this photograph was taken and following a prolong period of outside storage, Van 14 pictured on the right was 'carefully dismantled' with the help of a chainsaw, today only its wheels and underframe survive.

A faded looking Car 20 paired with Trailer 46 sits alongside Paddlebox Car 16 and matching Bulkhead Trailer 60, both of which carry MER Nationalisation green livery.

Quite possibly the first time green and blue MER cars have been pictured side by side in Ramsey Station. Car 2 had just returned to service in this poor interpretation of IOM Tramways & Electric Power Co livery whilst Paddlebox Car 16 was treated to green paint in 1998.

Car 5's unique Manx Gaelic side titling is evident as it sits alongside Car 1 and bulkhead trailer 49 in Ramsey
Station. Car 5 or "The Shrine" returned to service in 2000 following a full rebuild and overhaul having been
absent from traffic since 1997.

Car 2 and Trailer 40 have just crossed Parsonage Road and leave behind a busy scene as Trailer 41 coupled
to Tunnel Car 6 awaits its turn to enter Ramsey Station prior to shunting. Paddlebox Car 26 can be seen in the distance.


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