As an added attraction for the enthusiast events being held in 1998, it was decided after a gap of 12 years that another MER Car would carry green livery. Out of service Car 25 was originally penciled in for attention but examination of the Paddlebox revealed it required substantial work before it could carry passengers again. Instead, Car 16 entered the works and emerged in time for the summer season wearing a coat of green. To provide a matching running mate for 16, unique 1896 Trailer 60 was selected to undergo repaint, unfortunately obliterating it’s smart coat of genuine 1960s fleet livery which remained in good condition. Surely one of the long term out of service bulkhead trailers would have been a much more appropriate candidate for such treatment. 16 & 60 almost blend into the grassy bank as they accelerate away from Ballure Bridge in July 2003. (Photo: MERS Collection)


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