Centenary Day on Tuesday September the 7th 1993 began with His Excellency the Governor Air Marshall Sir Lawrence Jones KCB, AFC, CIMgt, driving Car No.1 from Derby Castle to Groudle under the tutelage of Mr Maurice Faragher, Supt. Engineer, following the completion of speeches by His Excellency and the Minister for Tourism, Leisure & Transport, Mr Alan Bell MHK.

Earlier in the morning, shortly after 7.30am, Car 31 was dispatched light to Laxey in readiness for its participation in the cavalcade of tramcars through Laxey Station.; additional cars were dispatched at intervals until all were stacked on the line North of Laxey between Princess Motors (public level crossing No. 3 ) and Little Egypt curve. Normal service was suspended throughout the day. The cavalcade itself, which began at 2.00pm, included a non stop commentary by Engineering Supt. Mr Maurice Faragher and the following cars were featured. Car 1 with Trailer 51 (at the time numbered 13); Car 2 originally used earlier in the day with trailer 37 but changed for a tower wagon; Car 5 with Van 4; Car 6 and trailer 49. Trailer 49 had been out of use for many years and was stored at Laxey Depot was moved to Douglas by Crossbench Car 27 on Friday August 27th in preparation for use as part of the Centenary Day events. Car No. 9 in its illuminated guise, driven by Mr John R. Gordon with Mr Derek Shepherd; Car 18 and trailer 60; Winter Saloon 19 towing freight trailer No. 26, which replaced trailer 41 earlier; Car 20, trailer 44 and Van; Car 22 and trailer 58; Electric Loco No.23 and the Challenger bogie flatbad wagon; Car 26 and trailer 37; Car 27 and tower wagon; Car 31; Car 32 and trailer 62; Car 33 and trailer 61; IMR Loco No.4 Loch and trailer 57 and the Wickham Railcar.

The cars ran slowly through the station seen before a crowd of over 2,500, stopping at times for the benefit of photographers; they were then stacked at Laxey Car Sheds before those re-entering normal traffic were shunted before being sent back to the crowds in the station where they were shunted (again) before picking up passengers for Douglas or Ramsey. The weather, which had remained overcast throughout the day, finally broke into a sensational downpour as customers were cleared from Laxey. The only cars not participating in the cavalcade consisted of Car 21 which was undergoing major overhaul and reconstruction at Derby Castle Works, Cars 7 and 25 which remained in service elsewhere on the line ( Ramsey & Douglas), Car 16 which remained at Derby Castle Depot and those cars stored needing attention before they could run again. The MER will probably never again witness such a great turn out of Rolling Stock, Tuesday 7th September 1993 will long remain a memorable date in the Manx Electric Railway's long history.

Our Photographer was stationed at Laxey Car Sheds to record on film all the comings and goings during this historic afternoon. The cars and trailers are pictured in the order which they passed through Laxey Station during the Cavalcade. (Photos: MERS Collection)

Whilst the majority of the MER Fleet was assembling at Laxey, cars 7 & 25 were used on service along the line. Car 7 and trailer are captured heading South passing the rear of the Queens Hotel.

25 & 55 are pictured departing Laxey Station with a service journey to Douglas prior to the commencement of the parade. 25 was withdrawn from passenger service at the end of the 1993 season due to being in poor condition.

Car 1 & Trailer 13 (51)

Car 1 & Van 12

Car 5 & Van 4

Car 6, Trailer 49 & Wagon 8

Trailer 49

Illuminated Car 9 with the late John Gordon.

Ratchet Car 18 & Trailer 60, Winter Saloon Car 20, Freight 26 (ex Car 10) & Winter Saloon 19.

Trailer 60.

Winter Saloon Car 19

Freight Trailer 26 former Passenger Car 10.

UEC Trailer Car 62 & Winter Saloon Car 20.

Replica Winter Saloon Car 22 & Winter Trailer 58.

MER Loco 23.

Paddlebox Car 26.

1894 Milnes Trailer 37.

Works Paddlebox Car 27.

Ratchet Car 31 with the late Stan Cannell.

1906 UEC. Cars 32 & 62.

Trailer 62 & Winter Saloon 20.

UEC Car 33 and Trailer 61 with the late Bob Clarke at the handles and conductor Tony Gillett.

Trailer 61

IMR Loco No.4 'Loch' & MER Winter Trailer 57.

Isle of Man Railways Wickham Railcar.


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