appendix [iii] Winter service/bus fares

During the early 2000s new manager David Howard abandoned what was left of his predecessor’s annual enthusiast promotions and asserted his organisation’s new red and cream corporate image and logo. Many regarded the proliferation across the Island of the utilitarian Macemain + Amstad metal shelters, as here at Onchan Head, a visual abomination.

However, the reintroduction of a winter service for which the shelters provided cover, the installation of request stop signs on the MER and more importantly inter available bus fares, were an attempt to increase passenger figures in the absence of the annual promotions, still seen by many as somehow tied to birthdays and anniversaries.

The painting of rebuilt winter car 22 was not popular but was done to emphasise the fact that at that time using the tram to go shopping was the same as using the bus.


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