New warning light in Laxey

“A new roadside warning system has been installed in Laxey.

Flashing amber lights now warn road users of oncoming trams approaching from the Ramsey direction at the Green’s Garage level crossing on the A2 Ramsey Road.

The approach to the crossing previously involved an awkward angle for drivers travelling south to see trams approaching from the same direction.

The introduction of the new warning system demonstrates the Department’s continued focus on road safety and the reduction of risk associated with the operation of the rail network.”

Also, Commercial Island broadcaster 3FM reports that further changes could be made at the MER's Laxey Station should plans submitted by the Department of Infrastructure gain approval.

"The Department of Infrastructure says it's planning to improve road and rail safety in Laxey. The department's applied for planning permission to lower a boundary wall so drivers can see trams more easily. If it's given the go-ahead, the work would take place at the Manx Electric Railway site on New Road. In its application, the DOI says the smaller wall would improve visibility of oncoming trams."

View the article on 3FM's website.

The planning application can be viewed on the IoM Government's website.


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