Government Investment For Prom Regeneration

"The government has purchased the Horse Tram Stables at the Tramway Terrace for more than half a million pounds.

The facilities were acquired from Douglas Borough Council, who ran the horse tram service until 2016, for £600,000.

The transaction forms part of Infrastructure's vision to regenerate Douglas Promenade, and sustain the operation of horse trams in the future.

Plans were approved last year to construct a temporary replacement structure on the Summerland site, but buying the existing facilities was deemed a more cost-effective option.

The Department considered that it also keeps the Summerland site clear, therefore not making it a less attractive proposition for potential investors.

Meanwhile, plans have also been submitted to demolish the Strathallan depot and rebuild the facility.

Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer commented that the moves all form part of a broader vision for the Island's "shop window" along Douglas bay."

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