A ‘unique’ opportunity to own the butchered, motorised remains of former Douglas Horse Car No.34 !

“A former Douglas Bay horse tram that was fitted with an engine is up for sale.

The sale is being handled by Chrystals Auctions later this month.

Car number 34, which dates from 1896, was sold and converted, somewhat controversially in the eyes of railway enthusiasts, into a road vehicle in 2018.

Having been fitted on a Nissan Cabstar chassis and Mercedes C180 automatic petrol engine.

Chrystals said: ‘Fully restored and motorised for use on public roads, featured in “Old Glory” magazine July and August Issues 2022. Simple to drive as an auto MPV – comes with all the original iron works including brass brake levers, axal boxers (sic), rail wheels, in fact everything needed to put the tram back on the rails if desired.’

The auction is taking place on Saturday September 24."

Gef Isle of Man News

MERS Comment: It will be recalled that in August 2016 Douglas Borough Council disposed of six historic Horse cars by offering them for sale at auction. Assurances were given at the time, that the cars were to be passed to ‘organisations or individuals willing to commit to their preservation.’ These assurances now seem rather hollow, especially since sister Car No.35, the last tram to remain under the ownership of Douglas Borough Council has recently been broken up after being subjected to years of open storage.

Click HERE for further background information.

UPDATE: The motorised remains of No.34 eventually sold at auction for £17,500.


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