"The former leader of Douglas Borough Council says refurbishment of the walkway on Loch Promenade should be prioritised over plans to extend the horse tram to the Sea Terminal.

Ex-councillor David Christian told Manx Radio he supported the minister of the Department of Infrastructure's current goal to get work already underway finished.

He said businesses and residents along the prom had had enough, and had tolerated disruption caused by the works for considerable time.

He also says plans to take the horse tram the whole length of the prom posed a risk to children disembarking from vehicles.”

Manx Radio

Those with long memories will recall that Mr Christian was the leader of Douglas Borough Council which voted to scrap the historic and unique Horse Tramway service in back in January 2016. Further information is available to view HERE.

Since Mr. Christian made his comments on Manx Radio, the following comments have been posted on social media:

Peter Cannon: “This from a man who actively hated the horse tramway and played an enormous part in almost overseeing its destruction in January 2016. Its beggars’ belief that this person should have the brass neck to even comment on the issue let alone have his nonsense reported in the media. Incidentally the meeting where the discontinuation of the trams was decided was held in private i.e., no public or press attending, and a number of councillors were not present and therefore could neither voice an opinion nor vote. How that for transparency!”

Manx Electric Railway Society: “It's probably worth pointing out that when the Council were looking at disposing of some stock in 2016, the former Cllr referred to the trams as 'carts', which provides an interesting insight to how well informed he might be.”

Chris Bennett: “I’m not sure why media outlets give platforms to those without any current democratic mandate.”

David Archer: “It's not too long ago that Douglas Corporation were going to scrap the horse trams entirely, it would appear that this gentleman has once again nailed his true colours to the mast. This whole rebuild of the promenade has been a complete shambles, ruining many of the businesses along the prom and now this unacceptable termination of the horse trams from its rightful place at the Sea Terminal. A total fiasco which warrants some form of official inquiry into the management of this mess.”

Chris Bennett:” David Archer - in fairness, that was a stroke of genius politically. I think most people agree that the horse trams are a National rather than local government asset. Douglas rate payers were right to object to footing the bill for a heritage railway.”

Monica Floding: “Money had been allocated for horse trams going all the way along the prom and separate money for walkway. All spent on other things instead?”

Chris Bennett: “Monica Floding - I don’t think there’s any plans to refurbish the walkway at all - which is pretty appalling, Christian is right about that. Especially as there’s been damage caused by having road traffic use it.”

Charles Hall: “The horses were there before cars so should have priority Also trams are no more dangerous than passing cars to children exiting cars, probably less so.”

Les Turner: “What's he talking about it's not an extension its always gone to the Sea Terminal, they just haven't finished the job.”

Chris Bennett: “Les Turner - not technically true. Original line ran from around Broadway to bottom of summer hill. It’s however a very long time ago it was extended to the sea terminal.”

Margaret Clucas: “The horse trams would be bringing tourists, to that end of the promenade, which would be good for some of the business's there, also for them to go onto the trains, no need to take your car for a day out, good for locals as well.”

John Kelly: “What a silly man, who takes any notice of him or his ridiculous comments?”

Chris Bennett: “Monica Floding I don’t think there’s any plans to refurbish the walkway at all - which is pretty appalling, Christian is right about that. Especially as there’s been damage caused by having traffic use it.”

Monica Floding: “Chris Bennett it’s in the pink book.”


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