“You could be forgiven for getting a little confused by new ’gateway markers’ installed on the Promenade.

Two solid granite blocks, both marked Harris Promenade, have been erected outside the Central Apartments.

But Harris Promenade ends at the Broadway junction going northbound, after which the road becomes Central Promenade.

So while one of the blocks does indeed welcome you to Harris Promenade, the other is actually pointing you away.

It’s all part of the £25m promenade redevelopment scheme which has been beset with delays.

The new granite markers feature designs by island-based artist Anna Wilson. Two more are to be installed on Loch Promenade.

In a statement, MyProm said the bespoke solid granite posts are an entrance feature to the refurbished Loch and Harris Promenades.

It added of the first two to be installed: ’These are as close as possible to the boundary of Harris and Central Promenade with their location being dictated by the new highway layout and being clear of the carriageway.

’The promenade names denote the extent of the promenades. The bespoke artwork on the rear of the posts has been designed by talented local artist Anna Wilson and are visible to pedestrians.

’The final two marker posts which will denote Loch Promenade, will be installed in the coming weeks and also include more artwork from Anna.’

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