Since the publication of the MERS Press Release concerning our offer to underwrite a service on the Snaefell Mountain Railway for a period of 15 days, reaction has already proved to be extremely positive.

Dear Committee members

Thank you for your email and agreeing a donation to find a way to hopefully have the celebrations deserved of our iconic Snaefell Mountain Railway in its 125th Anniversary Year.Following the debate when I challenged the Minister for a copy of the Business case, I subsequently advised the Chief Minister he should make sure he sees the business case as I had heard it was quite low numbers to break even.

Thank you so much for keeping our heritage in our railways alive and providing the opportunity for so many residents to have the option to go to the summit. So many constituents contacted me saying they had planned to do this, as travelling off the Island was not a choice.

Kind regards.

Julie Edge MHK

Member Representing Onchan Constituents

Comments Posted On Social Media

Chris Bates - Calling their bluff -- Spalding UDC did this in 1970 and BR closed the line linking the town to Peterborough and its main line connections to London. BR had published the amount the section was losing as part of their justification for closing the whole Grimsby-Spalding - Peterborough line, so the council sent BR a cheque for the sum with a demand that trains resume running to Peterborough. It had to be -- and today is a very successful part of the national system.

Dave Collister - Great idea.

Mike Caine - Well done MERS.

Graham Curphey - Queens Pier Restoration Trust is a charity restoring the Queens Pier in Ramsey. The pier is owned by the Government (DOI) and leased to the charity to restore. It's a major part of our Manx Heritage which Government neglected over many years and thus have allowed it to deteriorate to its present condition.

Nigel Brown - Massive respect to MERS but disgusted that they have to do this. Sort the DOI wastage out and there would be no need for charities to support this.

Anne Dawson - Where there is a will there is a way. Good luck to the committee, for their positive thinking in this special year for MER.

Philip Higgs - A great gesture by the MERS.

Mike Szender - Marvellous generosity in these difficult times.

Jiles Ackerley - It should run it’s brilliant.

Mark A Wrigley - Well done now over to the Minister to get out of that one!!

Neill Cleverley - Excellent.

Robin Wright - Well done, as soon as we are aloud over then we will be on it.

Graham Ward - Ashamed of the government. Staycation attractions ! Packed beaches etc. No ideas of public demand.

Brian Mylchreest - What are the government trying to do. It's the 125 year anniversary, not to celebrate such occasion is beyond belief! Fair enough there are no 'visitors' this year, the publicity would be priceless. Don't use H&S etc. as an excuse. Suggest sight tests for Ministers.

Dirk McHarrie - IF finance was the DOI’s only reason, this initiative of underwriting the cost should prove very interesting. I feel the empire builders within DOI might not take to kindly to outside interference. Hope you succeed, good luck.

Stuart Millington – Excellent action by the MERS! VERY bad action by Government! Yet another nail in Manx Culture!! Disgraceful!

Venus - The tourism industry brings around £90,000,000 income to the island every year.The figures above seem sensible, hope it opens for the anniversary! :-)

Humphrey - Good to see the MER Society trying to get the 125th anniversary on with funding, shame on the DOI for not offering to underwrite this even if it is more than £ 9,000. The millions wasted by IOMG & DOI on projects it isn't much to ask to match the £ 9,000 and get this on.

Jimmy B - At least someone is trying to do something positive for the island.

What do you think ? Let the MERS know, contact us at: [email protected]


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