“The Manx Electric Railway Society has offered £9,000 to pay for the Snaefell Mountain Railway to run for its 125th anniversary.

A statement from the society said: ’The Minister for the Department of Infrastructure appeared on Manx Radio news on Friday and seemed to suggest, (although without figures to justify this) that for reasons of cost the Snaefell Mountain Railway cannot run this year.

’The Committee of the Manx Electric Railway Society has this morning unanimously voted to transfer £9000 to the Railways to permit them to operate the Snaefell Mountain Railway for three weeks for the 125th anniversary celebrations.

’We believe that £9000 will be more than enough cover the costs of four weeks operation starting on the 125th anniversary on August 21. It would be 15 days operation for four men if the forecast is bad and six men if the forecast is good.

’With six staff in every day that’s just 50 passengers to break even, a tram full. The weather is improving and there is good reason to believe that this will work.

’The £9000 will be a backstop. If the trams run and do not cost the government money then it can be used to restore a tramcar which is presently out of use and accordingly the gift will be consistent with our objectives as a charity.’

Originally formed in 1973, the MERS is charged with the express purpose of protecting and promoting the retention and development of the MER and other Island tramways at a reasonable cost.

It successfully campaigned for the reinstatement and re-opening of the Laxey to Ramsey section of the MER during 1975-77. The society became a registered charity in 1978.”

Isle of Man Newspapers


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