Following the publication of the Press Release from the Manx Electric Railway Society in which it condemned the butchering of former Douglas Horse car No.34 in order to convert it into an Omnibus, the Isle of Man Motor Museum has made a response in an article published by Isle of Man Newspapers. The article can be read in full HERE.

The museum claims that the butchered remains of Car No.34 will be “used in far more imaginative ways than ever before” and will “promote the Isle of Man”. In response to these remarks, the Manx Electric Railway Society believes if this is “promoting the Isle of Man” it is promoting it as a place with an inadequate Government unable to exercise proper control of priceless historical artefacts, and with no level of good taste. These people would turn the Acropolis into a theme park to the altar of their un-restrained gimmickry.

The majority of the comments received by the Manx Electric Railway Society following the publication of its press release, deplore the rebuilding of the once historic 1896 horse car to provide what is effectively an omnibus. If this was permitted to occur without criticism then a terrible precedent will be set and who knows what will be the fate of our standing stones, the rest of our unique railways and tramways, Laxey Wheel and what is left of our beautiful countryside?.....


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