29th March 2017

It has no doubt come to the notice of many that the MERS no longer publishes official press releases from the Department of Infrastructure, on the Society website. Many of the Department's Press Releases are used to publicise the events which involve the Island's railways. In the past the MERS was more than happy to lend support in terms of publicity, as one of the principal aims of the Society is to actively promote interest in the Island's tramways.

The curious may ask why there has been a change of Department policy? Put simply, the DoI's Mr Ian Longworth does not agree with us and because (in effect) we oppose DoI schemes to demolish, sell off or irreversibly modernise the Island's transport heritage ( for example Laxey MER Station, Douglas and Port Erin IMR stations, the Loch Prom section of the Douglas Horse Tramway, Douglas Horse Tramway depot and stables, sale of six horse trams, the demolition of Ramsey Car and Goods Sheds and the proposed transformation of Ramsey MER Station to become a Transport Interchange), we have been removed from the Department's press release mailing list.

The MERS considers it a matter of conscience as to whether people feel able to lend their support to the recent excesses by staying silent. They should join us and our members and the thousands who signed our petitions, in vocally expressing their disapproval of those who propose needless demolition - and those who lend them credence. They should make their views known to the MERS, the press, internet forums, the planners and politicians. They should vote with their keyboards.

Those who require information concerning Isle of Man Transport and the railway events are directed to https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/bus-and-rail/

Please let the MERS know what you think, contact us at [email protected]


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