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The following comments have been received following the publication on 20th February 2017 of the MERS Press Release concerning the demolition of Ramsey Car and Goods Sheds.


I traveled on MER from Douglas to Ramsey on first day & was APPALLED to see this. It's unbelieveable or it should be. Most others on that tram were visitors who thought they had been "chucked off" before the proper terminus stop for no apparent good reason. Very unsatisfactory.

Maureen Radcliffe - Facebook Comment


The present management of the railways seem hell bent on destroying the heritage of the Manx Railways, it is truly appalling what has gone on with the terminus buildings on the railways over the last few years, it would appear that the Ramsey "Conservatory" proposal may yet rear its ugly presence again. Truly shocking and a disgrace.

David Archer - Facebook Comment


I think it is so sad that the past is being extinguished. We should be proud of our heritage.

Faith Taylor - Facebook Comment


Should build a new shed in its place.

Andy Peters - Facebook Comment


Disgusting. What next? Makes the Jackson era look like a golden one.

Rob McCaffery - Facebook Comment


How can anybody who has been involved with the National Tramway Museum for many years and other heritage tramway projects have, such little regard for priceless heritage ? Where will this senseless destruction end ?

Michael Walker via Email

Attacks On The Island's Transport Heritage


I regret to have to say that recent (unbelievable) happenings have killed my interest in Isle of Man Transport, to the extent that I never want to come back ! I prefer my memories and photos of how it WAS. Nevertheless, I appreciate that at such times you need all the support you can get.

C.C. Thornburn, Birmingham.


I'm appalled beyond words at the insensitive brutality at Laxey ( in particular). Totally uncaring of this island's heritage and uniqueness.

M.N. Allen – reited Planning/Conservation Officer.


Why does Manx Govt seem to care so little for its priceless transport Heritage?

Roger Ayris, Oxford.

Comments Posted On The MERS Online Petitions Concerning The Douglas Horse Tramway


Please save this very special part of our heritage, life is not just about money and balancing the books or cars. They enhance our island way of life and are a highlight for visitors, see the bigger picture!

Lynn Lee, Douglas.


Do we want to be just a rock in the Irish Sea, an annex of the UK? We are unique and so are the Horse Trams that's why people visit. If you get rid of the horse trams, what's next on the list - Laxey Wheel, the Steam Trains ....? Might as well become like everywhere else and let the car reign supreme!!!!

Geoff Lee, Douglas.


I'm 22, Manx born and now living in Wales. I couldn't believe it when I heard that the horse trams were being attacked! Recently, I persuaded a few of my friends in Wales to visit the island and one of the main factors that they went was to go on the horse trams across the promenade as they are unique! It's a crime to get rid of the old sheds too when they have been there so long! What's the matter with the Government?! One of the reasons I'm so proud to be Manx is because of the heritage railways and how we kept some of them while the UK axed theirs! (I'm still angry about the closure of the Peel line though!

Stephen Williams, Tonypandy.


My thanks for alerting me to the vital Tynwald vote this Tuesday and for enclosing the objection template which I have completed and sent to the planning directorate. However it may interest you to know that I personally emailed Mr Harmer making my views known on the proposals to shorten the horse tramway on December 2nd when the plans became public. A few days later on December 5th I received an acknowledgement to my email from someone who I presume was a secretary in Mr Harmer's department saying that my email was receiving his attention. Just how much attention I do wonder as up to today, over a month since my email, he has not even had the common courtesy to respond! I don't know the reason for this but I do hope it is because he has received so many emails that it is taking him some time to respond to them all or that he simply doesn't care. However what angers me the most is that he has not had the decency to respond so therefore I don't know whether he has read my email or not as I have not received an update. I shall let you know whether I receive a response in the meantime but I do hope that my experience is of interest to yourselves.

Michael Ward via email.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you all with regards to the proposed alteration of the Horse Trams and to support retaining the full tramway from Derby Castle to the Sea Terminal with the retention and refurbishment of both the existing stables and tram shed.

The last season has shown with good management in place the system, will given time be able to justify the retention of the entire system. Passenger numbers are up and the loss has been considerably reduced in one season.

The Isle of Man Government, Members of the House of Keys, Councillors and Islanders must support the survival of the last remaining Victorian horse tramway in the world with all its original infrastructure, which could be opened to the public as a heritage centre similar to the Laxey Wheel to further increase revenue.

What is the point in only renewing two thirds a historic tramway, if the Sea Terminal end is going to be discontinued but allowing for a tramway corridor in the new scheme, surely it make sense to include the infrastructure to be installed at a lower cost now than leave it a couple of years and rip up all the new work done at great expense and replacement as well as the time.

Tynwald needs to place this tramway permanently into the Heritage system for the pleasure of visitors today and the future and I have been writing to all the people I have found who I hope will be putting all their efforts into saving this unique tramway together with offering the republication of my late father’s booklets, cine film footage, photographs and collection of all the Islands tramways.


Martin Constantine

C-C Mrs s Harrison, Douglas Corporation

Ian Longworth, Director Public Transport.

Roger Phillips, Clark of Tynwald Office.

Daphne Caine, MHK.

Howard Quayle, MHK,

Ray Harmer, MHK.

Friends of Douglas Bay Horsetrams

David Ashford. MHK


This unique attraction deserves better. Or does the IOM no longer wish to encourage tourism?

Christopher Parker, Oswestry.


There has to be a better way, what next are they going to build a car park on Douglas Head for the bankers, please think again, for 60 years on and off I have been to your beautiful island, and the first thing that greets you is the trams, good luck to all the Manx people.

David Mort, Preston.


Perhaps I have imagined recently stated aspirations from the Manx Government to; establish a horse tram visitors centre at Derby Castle, and to take forward an application to the United Nations for World Heritage status for the Island's unique ensemble of heritage rail and tram ways. Many would I am sure be curious to hear how the dispersal of the largest collection of historically authentic horse tram cars, worldwide contributes to these objectives, although we should perhaps be thankful that these priceless artifacts have not yet been conveyed to Douglas Corporation's equivalent of the carriage shed at St. Johns!

John Healey
via email


It greatly saddens me to see this destruction of a once timeless and absolutely priceless location of Laxey Station, how on earth was this allowed to happen? I despair at the ongoing destruction of the once timeless and totally unique railways on the Island, its nothing short of a DISGRACE, and totally heartbreaking to see this mindless official vandalism. Laxey was a beautiful setting, totally unique, where else in this world could you watch and join vintage trams on their wonderful journeys in such an unspoilt setting?. Now all this has gone, and now doubt it will be soon followed by the Ramsey MER Conservatory scheme, the Douglas IMR restaurant, and Port Erin IMR Interchange, UNBELIEVABLE!.

The Island had a totally unique railway system which was without doubt without equal in these Islands and probably as unspoilt as any other system in the world, this present management of the railways are totally destroying this and seems hell bent on turning it into just another form of transport. With the cuts that all the departments are making on the Island, to me this can only spell disaster, one of the great attractions for me was the railways, i have grown up with the systems, having first visited in 1959 at the age of 4. Sadly i saw the loss of the greater part of the IMR, the very shortsighted closure of the MER way back in the 70's, when if it had not have been for the likes of Mike Goodwyn and Tony Beard we wouldn't have had the railways today ( How they must be turning in their graves at this present regimes destruction).

This year for the first time in over 20 years, i have decided to give the Island a miss, i simply cannot face this ongoing destruction of the Islands Railways, and sadly i think a few more will be thinking the same.

David Archer via email

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