“The Department of Infrastructure hasn't ruled out reinstating the horse trams to the Sea Terminal entirely, but it looks as though that project won't be happening any time soon.

Minister Tim Crookall believes it's likely to be in excess of two years before the extension could be on the horizon.

It comes as he was discussing recommendations set out in a report which scrutinises the Isle of Man's heritage railways.

That document by the transport consultancy firm SYSTRA states there is a case for them to be reinstated.

However, that's only if the Sea Terminal was used as part of the railways' visitor facilities and formed part of a long-term investment into the heritage railways.

And the financial case would require a 'very large increase in passenger numbers to avoid a further increase in subvention, based on current operating methods'.

Mr Crookall has hopes for the future, but doesn't know when the project would be given serious consideration. “

Mr Crookall’s comments are available to listen to HERE

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