Trams only running for pre-booked passengers

“Horse tram services along Douglas Promenade have been reduced due to concerns over safety.

They're only being provided for passengers who have pre-booked until the season ends on 29 October.

It’s because a government building, near to the horse tram stables, needs demolishing.

The Department of Infrastructure wants to carry out the emergency demolition of 1-3 Tramway Terrace as soon as possible.

Two inspections, following stormy weather, have recommended the building is taken down – scaffolding is in place to secure the building in the short-term.

The footpath, in front of it, and the car park, to the side, have also been closed as a precautionary measure.

Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall said: ‘The decision to demolish has been reached by taking into account specialist advice and the Department is now looking for a firm to carry out the work straightaway. This development is, of course, regrettable due to the building’s age and relationship with the historic horse tram operation.’

‘I would add that the historic stable block to the rear of the building is unaffected by the demolition plan and is expected to remain in use for many years to come.’

‘While it is a great shame to have to reduce our service this close to the end of the season the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway has had a fantastic year, in 2023, during which our team of dedicated staff and trammers have delivered more than 40,000 passenger journeys.’ "

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