“Government's decision to use funds set aside for work on the horse trams elsewhere is a 'slap in the face to Tynwald'.

That's from Chair of the Public Accounts Committee Juan Watterson after the scrutiny body's annual report criticised the Council of Ministers for descoping the horse tram plans without seeking support from Tynwald.

The report calls for change to make a vote on such a decision mandatory in the future.

It's one of two recommendations made in the PAC's annual report, which will be laid before October's sitting of Tynwald and debated at a future sitting.

The committee also highlighted concerns over government's decision to stop publishing unaudited accounts and called for such information to be published within six months of the end of the financial year.

In response to the publication of the PAC's report, an Isle of Man Government spokesman says ‘the Isle of Man Government acknowledges the findings of the Public Accounts Committee’s annual report and each of the recommendations will be considered in due course.’ ”

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