“A review is to be carried out into the economic value of the Island's heritage railways.

The steam railway, the Manx Electric Railway, the Snaefell Mountain Railway and Douglas horse trams will have their benefits and costs assessed by an independent body with a report due back to the Council of Ministers by June.

Government says the information will be used to present options on the future operations of the railways, using clear financial data and including viable alternative operating models if appropriate.

A similar assessment was carried out in 2018 by SYSTRA Ltd as part of the Savings, Added Value and Efficiencies (SAVE) programme.”

Manx Radio

The full terms of reference for the review can be downloaded HERE

Since this story was posted on our website and Facebook page, the MERS has received the following comments:

Simon Bisson: “These historic railways are a significant part of the charm and character of the IOM that make it such a lovely place for visitors like me. As such their value is far greater than their financial cost. I realise this is hard to quantify but the value is massive and I hope this is taken into account.”

Mark Kenyon: “The value of the islands trains and trams far outstrip the costs associated.”

John Osborn: “Heritage sells. It is a unique industry with unique skills. The IOM Must be proud of the Heritage Railways and retain such. The Heritage Railways in turn are an economic benefit tool.”

Simon Pugh: “Shame doing this as they should remember the horse trams started end of July last year so lost most of visitors coming before then.”

Simon Flatau: “Simon Pugh - smells of an agenda.”

Stephen Clough: “If an assessment was carried out in 2018 then why do they need to pay for another one five years later?”

Tony Quine: “Stephen Clough and, during those five years, services were massively disrupted, rendering much of the financial or traffic data meaningless.”

Charles Hall: “Stephen Clough correct, unintentionally by Covid and, in the case of the horse trams, intentionally by mismanagement of prom works.”

Phil J Smith: “Just an exercise designed to confirm a decision already made.”

Lesley Bayliss: "Maybe they shouldn't of wasted millions on mess during Revamp of Douglas Prom it's a great service.

Steve Loveridge: "I have been to the island three times and am visiting again in July. If there were no trains or trams, horse drawn or electric, I and several of my friends wouldn’t bother coming! And the horse trams need to go back to the Sea Terminal!"

Charles Hall: I and my friends have visited numerous times, purely for the heritage transport. Lots of the folk I brought over are now going themselves with other friends. And it all started with taking a bus to a vehicle rally for the Year of Railways. The 'Beechingised' Horse Tramline is off-putting and a discouragement to another visit.

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