"Chris Thomas was in discussion with MHK Daphne Caine and historian Charles Guard on Manx Radio's Perspective programme presented by former DOI Minister Phil Gawne.

The Minister was also unable to provide any undertaking as to when or even if Horse Trams will return to the Sea Terminal. When further pressed, he stated that the money originally approved by Tynwald for the reinstatement of the full horse tramway to the Sea Terminal was indeed diverted elsewhere 'to complete the Promenade project', on account of the significant overspend incurred during the controversial work.

There were heated conversations over the Island's railway's and what could be cut back if 'dark days' occurred and put the Isle of Man into 'financial meltdown.' "

When quizzed about the many rumours currently circulating that the Castletown-Port Erin section of the IMR, and Laxey-Ramsey line of the MER were to close on grounds of cost, Mr Thomas whilst stating that such drastic measures are not currently on the agenda, offered little in the way of reassurance by commenting "not running a railway for a few years doesn’t actually damage it in the long term, but does save money in the short term”. No doubt this point of view will not be shared by those businesses in Ramsey and Port Erin which depend greatly on the tourist pound or the Manx tourist industry in general.

Those who are interested and concerned as to the future of the Island’s priceless Heritage Railways are urged to listen to the full Perspective programme HERE.


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