'Horse trams could start running on Douglas Promenade next week.'

"The Department of Infrastructure has confirmed the track - from the terminus to the bottom of Broadway - is complete and has been approved by a railway inspector.

Pre-operational rail cleaning began last week.

MLC Kerry Sharpe, who is a political member of the DOI, said the department wants to begin the season during the Summer Heritage Transport Festival from 27-31 July.”

Mrs. Sharpe was also quizzed, in Tynwald, about whether the long-term plan is to have the tramway extend the full length of the promenade, her response was as follows: ‘I would agree personally with the honourable member, that there is no point having half a tram track, if you’re not going to go the whole way, why bother? However, I can’t at this moment comment on the current policy.’"

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