Ian Longworth leaves his post after 13 years.

“The Isle of Man’s Director of Transport has announced he will be leaving Government.

The Department of Infrastructure says Ian Longworth is retiring as he has now ‘reached the traditional retirement age’.

Mr. Longworth had planned to retire previously and had been working part time prior to the Covid pandemic.

He returned to work full time during that period but according to the DoI ‘now is the right time for him to step down’.

Interim chief executive Emily Curphey said: I would like to thank Ian for his hard work and dedication within the department and throughout his career. I wish him well in his retirement.’”

In other news “The Isle of Man has a new Infrastructure Minister, with immediate effect, following a ‘mini re-shuffle’.

Chris Thomas is taking up the post after Tim Crookall was moved to the Department for Enterprise.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan said: ‘I am delighted that Tim Crookall and Chris Thomas have accepted these important positions and both bring with them considerable ministerial experience. I am looking forward to welcoming Chris Thomas back to the Council of Ministers. There is a significant task in front of him, but I am confident that we share a common vision for a more focused DoI and I look forward to working alongside him to deliver on that vision.’

‘Tim Crookall has done a sterling job and will leave a strong platform at the DoI for Chris Thomas to build on. He will now face a new challenge with the DfE but he will join a strong team to move the agency model forward and I am grateful for his steadfast support of our Island Plan.’

Mr. Thomas served as the Policy and Reform Minister between 2016 and 2020 – he will continue to chair the Housing and Communities Board. However, he is standing down as the chair of the Isle of Man Post Office as a result.”


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