Press Release from the Isle of Man Steam Railway Supporters' Association

“We are pleased to highlight our latest conservation project and to launch a new Fundraising Appeal to help return engine No.5 Mona to public display condition after nearly 50 years in storage and partial dismantlement.

The cosmetic restoration will involve:

  • sourcing a number of fittings which have been 'borrowed' for in-service locomotives over many years;
  • re-assembly of the locomotive;
  • a full clean;
  • painting and lining out;
  • fitting of brass name plates and a brass numeral to the side tanks.

Our fundraising target for the cosmetic restoration of No.5 Mona is £12,000.

The Association has secured an agreement to purchase one of the original name plates for re-fitting to No.5 Mona and from which a copy will be made and also fitted.Both of the original name plates were sold with the engine into private ownership back in 1978.

Working in partnership with Isle of Man Railways, the aim is to complete the cosmetic restoration in time for the 150th anniversary of the Railway in 2023.

With your generous support, No.5 Mona can play her part in celebrating that significant milestone and thereafter be available for public display. “

Please click HERE for details of how you can donate.

Isle of Man Steam Railway Supporters' Association


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