Project pushed back to end of September

'Work on Douglas promenade won't be completed on time and government has stepped in to carry out parts of the project.

The Department of Infrastructure has confirmed the contractor has moved the completion date to the end of September.

That's despite Minister Tim Baker giving assurances, to Manx Radio, last week that the project was on schedule to complete next month.

Following completion Auldyn Construction has another four weeks to correct defective work meaning the project is likely to run until October.

Mr Baker says: "Although I am extremely disappointed at this setback the department will continue to do all it can to assist Auldyn in this final push for the end.

"There have been a number of unforeseen challenges, which must be acknowledged, including a difficulty relating to COVID restrictions in accessing labour resources from off-Island. A pragmatic and constructive dialogue continues with the company on finishing as soon as possible but we will not allow the quality of the finished product to be compromised at this stage."

The DoI says in order to help speed up completion its taking up parts of the project and will deliver these with 'other resources'.

Auldyn is also working with rail corridor designer Burroughs Stewart Associates to prepare a proposal to correct the concrete defects.'

Prom Delay Blamed on Subcontractors Doing 'More Profitable' Work

Manx Radio – Friday, July 9, 2021

'Douglas promenade work has been delayed because the contractor is struggling for resource.

Auldyn Construction has moved the expected completion date to the end of September – it should have been finished in August.

The Department of Infrastructure will now step in to carry out parts of the project.

Following completion Auldyn has another four weeks to correct defective work meaning the project will now run to the end of October.

Speaking on Manx Radio Breakfast Minister Tim Baker says the delay is down to a lack of workers.'


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