“A double track crossing is being installed on Central Promenade for the horse tramline.

But the arrangement differs from the original design shown on the drawings on the MyProm page and in the application that received planning consent. These show the tracks converging as an interlaced arrangement as they cross the road between Esplanade Lane and Castle Mona Avenue. But the crossing as now being constructed has the two lines separated.

The Department of Infrastructure said the design has been ‘simplified’ following a review.

Critics of the Prom scheme suggest that the horse tramway isn’t simply being reinstated but its over-engineered replacement is paving the way for a future modern tram system.

A spokesman said: ’The design has always shown double tracks crossing the carriageway before joining together as a single line heading south past Broadway. The double tracks were shown on the planning drawings in an interlaced arrangement which provided minimal track separation.

’We have reviewed this detail with the rail regulator and simplified the arrangement to separate the double tracks.’

The Department of Infrastructure’s planning statement for its 2018 application (18/00003/B) notes: ‘From Castle Mona Avenue, the track will cross the southbound carriageway as a twin track, combining on the sea side kerb as a single track, from where it will run to the Peveril Square roundabout, stopping at a siding. At the War Memorial, a passing loop/run around will be provided.’ “

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‘What I Would Have Done Differently On Prom Scheme’

Isle of Man Newspaper - November 11, 2020

‘Contractors should have been brought in at an earlier stage on the Prom scheme to ’flush out’ problem areas.’

“Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker, giving evidence to a Tynwald scrutiny committee, was asked what he would have done differently if he could start the £25m project again.

Mr Baker replied: ’That could take a while! ’

He said the significant degree of disruption from the scheme should have been better expected.

And he said it would have benefited from a longer period of contractor involvement at the start of the scheme.

Mr Baker agreed with his department’s chief executive Nick Black that this may not have brought forward the completion date but things might have gone smoother.

He said: ’Sometimes it’s wiser to step back. Not enough time was given to that. It may have flushed out more issues had we given more time for that.’

Mr Baker said there was a number of things ’we learned as we had gone along’ including challenges around communication and engagement but ’we’ve got to a far, far better place with those things’.

As previously reported on iomtoday, the Minister admitted that the Prom scheme will likely not meet its ’ambitious’ March 31 completion deadline.

Mr Black said work on a resin injection solution to the problem of concrete cracking had begun and he hoped it would be satisfactory and ‘give us the longevity we want’.

He was asked about the horse tramline crossing the road at the Esplanade and how it was being laid as a double track in an apparent divergence from the planning consent, which shows two tracks ’interlaced’.

Mr Black replied: ‘ I’m not sure I quite understand what you mean. We have a section of interlaced track there where the dual track comes into one to move across round Broadway.’

He promised to provide a detailed written response, saying: ’If it looks wrong we will explain what’s changed. We have been engaging with the railway safety inspector.’

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