" Member for Ramsey (Mr Hooper) to ask the Minister for Infrastructure: Why the capital budget for the Ramsey transport interchange has changed in the 2020 Budget; and if he will make a statement? "


From the start of the MER's 2017 operating season, revised arrangements at Ramsey for the shunting of cars and handling of passengers came into use, whilst the future of the traditional 1899 Plaza Station remains the subject of speculation and uncertainty. It is believed that the DOI considers the track within Ramsey Station to be in poor condition. The MER has effectively been cut back to a cramped and unsatisfactory site to the south of Parsonage Road crossing. The area formerly occupied by the car shed and its associated track-work was surfaced with gravel to provide a basic and rudimentary area for passengers. On a couple of occasions during peak periods (most notably the 2017 TT Festival) to help cope with additional traffic, cars have been permitted to enter Plaza station to shunt and stable before heading back to Douglas.


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