Work described as 'challenging'

'An senior infrastructure official says completing the 'rail corridor' along Douglas promenade is their current priority.

Director of Highway Services at the Department of Infrastructure is Jeff Robinson.

The two-year regeneration project is now in its tenth month.

Mr Robinson says workers are now focusing on completing the central corridor of the two-kilometre stretch - a task he describes as challenging - Click HERE to listen to the clip.'

Meanwhile, Manx Radio reported on July 15th that the Department of Infrastructure hope to make up for the '9 week delay to Prom Works'. Problems experienced with cracking of the concrete track-bed seems to be tresponsible for the delay in extending operation of the Horse Tramway further south along the Promenade from the current Little Switzerland terminus.

'Contingency plans in place says Director of Highway Services'

"The Department of Infrastructure hopes to make up a current nine-week delay to Douglas promenade works.

The director of highway services says contingencies are in place for both time and money.

Jeff Robinson has been giving an update of the ongoing works, which are taking place in stages. He says they have processes in place for unseen delays. Click HERE to listen to the clip.


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