"MOULTON: They are very unique, but is there a sort of reserve? I mean how much are they worth even?

PITTS: I’ve no idea. It depends I suppose, what condition each one is in. I don’t know what condition. I know they haven’t been used recently. But, any enthusiasts who will go along and have the old phone boxes in the garden - I’m sure they’ll want one of those as well. And they’d be ideal for people with large gardens or local authorities who want to display them in their areas.

MOULTON: So, as I said. Now the website, the Corpy’s website has had a massive amount of hits, there’s a massive interest around the world on this one.

PITTS: Yes - lots. Like I said. I was out and about at the weekend, and the amount of people who asked me could I have a horse tram and how much would they be? And I said they are for auction, go along and buy yourself one. They’d be ideal in children’s playgrounds and everything. We do have one currently at the Home of Rest for Old Horses which gets a lot of use. Its been there three or four years now."

Paul Moulton interviewing Cllr. Stephen Pitts, mtv, 17th August 2016.

"As a sop to public concern the prospective purchasers will be asked to sign a statement of intent that “the undersigned will take responsibility for the horse tram carriage as described in this document ‘as seen’ and agrees to preserve the tram.” This “statement” is no more than a statement of intention at the time it is signed. It is not under seal and not for consideration and it is un-enforceable. The signatory can change his mind and break up the bodies if he wishes."

MERS Press Release, 17th August 2016.

"11.2. Not for sale is No. 11 (built in 1886), the oldest surviving horse tram built for the Isle of Man. It is still owned by Douglas Council and has been left dumped in the open behind a Museum in Jurby for years. Is this the measure of “agrees to preserve the tram” required in their statement of intent.

11.3. Not for sale is No. 47 of 1911 dumped in the same place."

MERS Press Release, 17th August 2016.

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