Manx Transport Review No.98

Manx Transport Review No.98 Winter/Spring 2020 was due to be printed in April 2020. The unprecedented situation concerning the Coronavirus pandemic and resultant social distancing restrictions has had an unyielding effect on everyday life, not least for the printing industry. As a result, production of MTR No.98 has unavoidably been delayed.

As an interim measure, an electronic ‘abridged’ version of MTR No. 98 will shortly be made available to FULL members of the society via email. Those members who have not previously provided the society with an email address, can request access by contacting the society at: [email protected] – please state your name, address, membership number (if known) and an email address. All other membership enquiries can also be forwarded to this address.

Full printed copies of MTR will be dispatched to members as soon as some normality returns to the printing industry.


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